View Counts Can Now Be Counted On Facebook As Well

A Popular Platform Called Social Media

The world of social networking is vast, interconnected and constantly growing. Only a few years ago, laptop computers and internet were an uncommon sight. Nowadays, most people cannot imagine a life without social networks. It has gone beyond a luxury and become a necessity, a vital need to most people. A status symbol as well as a very effective means of communication, social networks in general and Facebook in particular are some of the most popular destinations on the internet.

The main draw of social networks is their interactivity. Once only limited to text messages, nowadays communication is possible via text, audio and video files. Also the ability to share and promote articles and pieces online is a major draw. The addition of the tagging feature on Facebook has made it even more user-friendly and thus more mediaA New Feature to Look Out For On Facebook

One of Facebook’s earliest additions was a video player and the ability to share videos. In today’s digital age, videos are much more engaging than words, and celebrities and ordinary people alike prefer to interact via a visual medium. This feature is one of the most used on Facebook, with the site receiving over one billion views per day as recently shown by the company. Continue reading