Remarketing The New Phenomenon in Digital Marketing

In today’s world, there is nothing more advanced or nothing that has seen more development than technology. Technological advancement has been a major for the country and the world today and has made an impact in every industry and sector.

One such industry which has always seen frequent technological up gradations is the Digital Marketing industry. There have been various things that have come up in the digital marketing field and one of them is remarketing or retargeting by Google.

Advertising concept: arrow with Marketing on grunge wallThis is an interesting way of targeting customers who are interested in your products or services. And how do you know that they are interested is determined by the fact that the ads are targeted only to customers who visit your website. Continue reading


Social Media Marketing Is the Best Bet for Marketing Your Business Online

Social Media caught the world by storm. Growing from almost nothing to a massive global information exchange platform in only a few years, most major companies and services were simply unable to grasp the impact of social media or its massive popularity. But once established, there was no doing without it.

Previously, advertising was a multiplatform endeavour that needed to be tailored based on the target age group, time slots and the method of broadcast. As such, it was laborious and even then did not guarantee a full coverage in the target audience. Social media, and their platforms, were a godsend to advertising firms. Massive numbers of people gathered together on a never before seen scale at a single place. By placing a well conceived advertisement, not only would they reach a greater target audience than ever before, but the unique nature of social media meant that sharing and word of mouth would further propagate the message even beyond the capabilities of the company. social media strategyAs such, any smart marketer knows that social media strategy says advertising on social media is the future. While ads in more traditional media outlets are not to be neglected completely, social media offers such a large audience, at such low rates and with so many options, that to ignore its potential would be equivalent to committing economic suicide. The popularity of online marketing campaigns in recent years has proved that time and time again. Perhaps the most famous example is the Vodafone Zoozoo, a simple concept that went ‘viral’, and resulted in massive popularity and coverage for the company. Continue reading