How Videos Can Help You to Lead Google Ranking

Have you ever noticed that if you have Googled something the first thing appeared in first page is the relevant videos of the product if they are available. Videos really help you to increase the Google ranking because of their relevance and if your videos are good enough that people really share and like that video, then your video will be on the top results. The reason being the scanning of Google analytics, if Google analytics scan your video and it is up to the mark of standards then the approved video is shared on various platforms. All you need is really interesting content for your video which is appealing to the masses.

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Nowadays you must have noticed that videos are being shared on various platforms with some informative content and those videos are known as viral videos. The term viral videos are given to those videos which are popular on internet and these videos are shared on large basis. This is automatic that the most shared videos are visible on the Google first page which is evident that the Google ranking can be achieved by videos.

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Ways to combine SEO and Content Marketing

The basic requirement of digital marketing strategy is content marketing and SEO. Most of the people face trouble in connecting content marketing with SEO because they aren’t clear about the picture of what it represents.

Through these quick definitions below, we can make a clear picture of difference between SEO and content marketing:

SEO: The ways to increase the organic search engine traffic.

Content Marketing: Compiling, creating and spreading content to attract traffic.

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However, you can get a precise view of the difference through the definitions above, but to make it clearer let’s discuss this further.

They have a lot of Similarities: Content marketing and SEO includes different type of traffic strategies, but sometimes they overlap. Digital agency take care of all the needs which are associated with SEO and content marketing.

Content: To generate and improve traffic leads, an SEO needs content and for content marketing, the name itself suggests.

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SEO: It includes posting of different content on different platforms and generating the online traffic for the specified target.

On a basic note, they are different: Content marketing and SEO are totally different in terms and operations and most of the over-optimistic marketers seem to think that way. SEO totally fits in the on page and off page dimensions of content marketing. Technical aspect of SEO part is far way different from content marketing.

And they complement each other!

Yes, this is true, SEO and Content marketing are different but they are relative to each other.
When content is created, there are some ways through which basic SEO can optimize the task through
•    Page Load speed
•    Making content responsive
•    Fixing dead links and bad  redirects
•    Ensuring that content has clear hierarchy

All these things can help your content marketing efforts and you can easily combine SEO with content marketing.